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Cleaning and Maintenance of Hotel Carpets

Carpet has many advantages, it can isolate sound, eliminate sound and has aesthetic practicality, so many hotels like to use carpet. But when the carpet has been used for a long time, there will also be various stains affecting the appearance. So in daily life, we should regularly clean the carpet. Let Jietai Carpet Co., Ltd. introduce to you the cleaning and maintenance methods of hotel carpet.

I. Carpet cleaning methods

1. Spray and absorb water cleaning. This cleaning method is suitable for plastic Hotel carpets. Hot water and detergent are sprayed on the carpets under pressure. Under the action of water and detergent, carpet washing equipment with rotating or oscillating brushes is used to separate the dirt from the fibers, then absorb the dirt, and finally spray and clean the carpets with clean water.

2.Steam cleaning. This cleaning method is suitable for plastic carpets with small and dense mesh holes. It can thoroughly clean the dirt embedded in the carpet and the surface of the carpet. A steam solvent released by a special steam dry cleaning carpet machine is sprayed on the carpet and agitated by a mechanical swing brush to remove the dirt from the carpet fiber and suspend it in the solvent.

3.Foam cleaning. This cleaning method is suitable for velvet carpet. Foam is used to clean the carpet surface. Foam cleaning machine with rotary brush and vacuum suction head spray a large amount of detergent on the carpet surface. After the action of rolling brush, suction machine is used to remove washing foam and suspended dust.

4.Extraction and cleaning method. This cleaning method is also suitable for velvet carpets. The extraction and cleaning method is to spray the mixture of detergents on the carpet surface manually or by distributing containers. After 30 minutes of rotary washing, the detergent and dust can be absorbed after brushing into the carpet velvet by washing equipment, which can effectively restore the carpet surface clean.

2. Hotel Carpet Maintenance

1. You need to vacuum the stain on the carpet regularly every day, and remove the dirt on the surface of the carpet in time. This will help to keep the carpet clean and beautiful all day, and will not leave the dirt that is difficult to remove, so as to reduce the time for deep cleaning in the future.
2.Hotel carpet should be used reasonably and evenly. After several years of use, it is better to change the position to make it wear evenly. Simple and timely cleaning every few hours can effectively prolong the service life of the hotel carpet.
3.You need to clean up or use a vacuum cleaner to clean up the paper scraps and other rubbish on the pile carpet in time, which is fast and labor-saving. If the carpet is made of other materials, the carpet surface should be cleaned by corresponding cleaning methods or by using cloth tape.
4.  Hotel carpet due to the large number of people, as well as pets left dirt on its surface, when cleaning, a certain proportion of white vinegar are added to some warm water to clean the hotel carpet , which not only has the role of disinfection and sterilization, but also the effect of purifying the air.
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