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Home carpet is a floor covering made of natural fibers such as cotton, hemp, wool, silk and grass or chemical synthetic fibers to be knitted, planted or weaved by manual or mechanical processes. In modern home decoration, home carpet is a very frequently used floor decoration, because home carpet is beautiful and easy to use, it is used to decorate the home not only has a satisfactory decorative effect, but also can enhance people's taste of life.Whether it is long velvet, plain weaving, round, square or sheepskin, all kinds of materials and shapes of home carpets can add comfort and warmth to the living room. A large area of home carpet defines the seating area of the living room. Long carpet adds some softness to the hall. doormat welcomes you into the door. They can show personality style and bring soft care to your feet.

Selection Principles of Home Carpets

1.Choose home carpets of suitable material
Not all carpets are suitable for home decoration, so when choosing a home carpet, first of all, think about what kind of carpet we need. There are many carpet materials on the market at present. Natural fibers such as cotton, hemp, wool, silk and grass or chemical synthetic fibers are all available. we should choose carpet materials according to the actual situation of our family. If there are many members and children in the family, carpets made of corrosion-resistant, flame-retardant and easy-to-clean synthetic fibers are preferred.

2.Choose home carpets of suitable size
When choosing a home carpet, we need to consider the size and specifications of the carpet, because the area and function of each room are different, so the carpet is different. For example, in the bedroom, this is where we rest, so comfort is the most important thing, so it is very appropriate to choose a full carpet. In the restaurant area is not large, there are many tables and chairs, people walk more frequently, so it is appropriate to choose carpet tiles or jigsaw carpet. For the living room with the largest area in the home, more consideration should be taken into account. Heavy and wear-resistant large carpets are more suitable.

3.Choose home carpets of suitable style
When we choose to buy home carpets, we should be consistent with our own decoration style and coordinate with it. For example, if the home decoration style is Chinese style, we can choose Chinese style carpet, if European style decoration style can choose European carpet. But sometimes we may not choose the same style of carpet, we can also choose carpet similar to home decoration style.

4.Choose home carpets of suitable colors
Colour matching in home decoration is the key and difficult point in the whole decoration, so when matching and purchasing home carpets, we should fully consider the compatibility between the color of carpets and the whole home, and the harmony between the color of carpets and the color of furniture in the home. Generally, carpets of the same color series are used to decorate the home, which not only makes the color uniform, but also avoids the visual disorder caused by fewer colors.

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