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There are two main types of hotel carpets produced all over the world: machine-woven modern carpets and hand-woven Oriental carpets. Hand-made carpets can be divided into pure wool rubber-backed carpets, Bose carpets, Palace carpets, silk carpets and silk-like carpets according to different crafts. According to the density, it can be divided into 90, 120, 160, 200, 300, 400 knots and so on. The higher the number of knots, the higher the value of technology, the higher the grade, the higher the value of collection. Machine-woven modern carpets are carpets manufactured by machines. They are mainly made of polypropylene and acrylic fibers. They have the advantages of bright color, thin blankets, light and soft.

Woven carpet is divided into: A full carpet (generally 4 X25 meters) can be tailored at will, mostly for room full carpet and corridor, staircase and other laying. B woven carpet is favored by more and more customers because of its lightness, bright color, changeable patterns, low price and easy cleaning. Hotel carpets are usually laid on floors between walls to reduce the workload of maintaining hard floors. On the other hand, rugs are often used to protect tile or wood flooring. Carpets are placed in areas where walking is frequent to reduce wear and tear and to prevent traces on other floor coverings. Carpets have some advantages over hard floors and resilient floors: they are non-skid, provide an insulating layer to make the room warmer in winter, and have sound insulation to reduce noise. It is also the most flexible floor covering, for those who stand on the floor for a long time is a great advantage.

Selection Principles of Hotel Carpets

1. Take hotel design style as the principle:

Choose according to plan and standard, star standard design decoration or ordinary design decoration? European style or Chinese style? Or nostalgic style or trendy style? What grade, style and color carpet should be selected for any project, whether it is a new project, old project renovation or redesign decoration? Only by choosing the harmonious and beautiful carpet according to the decoration standard and style can the project be unified and perfect, so as to make the appearance of the building more perfect.

2. On the principle of using regions:

Choose room carpet, corridor carpet or dining room carpet according to the use function of the area. A complete hotel project is composed of several different areas, and the carpet used in each area should also be considered in the selection.

3. On the principle of external environment:

Choose different hotel carpets according to the local annual average temperature, rainfall, air quality, sanitary greening and other factors. If these factors are not taken into account, it will cause a lot of unnecessary trouble for the use and maintenance of carpets. For example: some cities have winter for nearly half a year. Although the city is very clean, the ice and snow on the feet of guests will melt when they enter the hotel, causing a lot of pollution to corridors and room carpets. Dust, which is small and invisible to the naked eye, is brought into the hotel with the entrants'shoes, which brings great difficulties to the maintenance of carpets.

4. based on the principle of pattern and tone:

When choosing Hotel carpet, it should be unified with hotel tone design, which can change the mood and atmosphere of the environment and bring vitality to different occasions. It can be used to weaken, strengthen or match the harmony of decorative mood. The carpet with yellow and red color system can make the room feel comfortable and warm and reduce the monotonous and empty feeling of the big room. The blue, green and purple color with cold color have the opposite effect. It can produce a quiet atmosphere and make the small room feel spacious and bright. In the aspect of pattern, the bigger the carpet space is, the bigger the pattern is. The public part of the project is dominated by multi-colour large print patterns, while the guest room is designed to use small flower patterns with harmonious colour and lustre.

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