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Office carpet is a ground covering made of herbal fibers such as cotton, hemp, wool, silk and grass or chemical artificial fibers to be knitted, planted or weaved via manual or mechanical processes. Office carpet can not only build an elegant and comfortable office conditions for company employees, but also make the company look high-end and high-grade.

Benefits of Office carpets
1.Decoration environment
Office carpet belongs to both decorative and practical handicraft, which plays a strong and effective role in the decoration of the environment. However, although the office carpet has rich patterns and colors, it should match the overall style of the office when selecting, and reflect the company's characteristics.
2.Sound absorption and noise reduction
Compared with other floor materials, office carpet has excellent sound absorption effect, can absorb the echo noise in the area, and reduce the reflection and transmission of sound, create a quiet atmosphere for the whole office area, so that employees can work more quietly.
3.Heat preservation and heat conduction
Because the material of office carpet is hard, it can be used as paving material with certain warmth retention. It can also form a good conduction effect for the heating of floor heating, and at the same time it can increase the feeling of warmth and comfort.

Selection Principles of Office Carpets
1.Because there are more office staff, it is recommended to choose office carpets with long service life and easy cleaning, such as polypropylene carpets and carpet tiles. Polypropylene carpets not only have high wear resistance, but also are easier to handle. Carpet tiles can be replaced locally to avoid excessive wear and tear somewhere leading to replacement of the whole carpet and lower maintenance cost.
2.Warm-coloured office carpets are used for offices with good lighting. For example, brick red, orange and other colors can give people a sense of intimacy, the premise is that the choice of office carpet color is consistent with the style of your entire office space.
3.Creative style office can use some bright color office carpets. This is conducive to the use of bright, lively carpet color to stimulate the imagination and thinking of employees, but also to create a good office atmosphere.
4.Low office use light color office carpet.Like those low-rise, multi-office space, it will make staff feel congested and oppressed,if you want to adjust the uncomfortable feeling of office design itself, you can choose some elegant office carpets to alleviate it.

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