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What is a baby crawling mat?

Crawling mat is a kind of sports assistant product for baby crawling, also known as baby game mat, baby activity mat. In recent years some new synthetic crawling mat have come out. The most common crawling mats are polyvinyl chloride (PVC), Expandable polyethylene foam(EPE)or chemical cross-linked polyethylene foam (XPE) as intermediate materials with protective film on both sides. This kind of product is lighter and relatively easy to clean.

Why do you need a baby crawling mat?

As your baby starts rolling over and begins their journey on learning how to crawl, you want a safe and soft place for them. Learning how to crawl on hardwood floors or normal rugs is not ideal; your baby might get a rash or hurt themselves. As they are not fully in control of their movements, you want a space that is safe for your child to learn how to properly crawl on the floor.

Most hardwood floors or marble floors are slippery, and that is a huge hazard for the little ones. Getting a crawling mat for your baby can help create an environment that is safe and injury-proof for small babies.

We understand most of the concerns that a mother has for a baby who is learning to sit and crawl on their own. Our baby crawling mat is designed to cushion and protect your baby. Our mats are made from the softest materials to provide a safe skid-free space your baby.

Jietai crawling mat is created to provide your child with the most comfortable place to play. It not only protects your child from hurting themselves and sliding on the floor, but it also protects your baby from floor accidents and food-spills.

Place the baby on the crawling mat, let him exercise the strength of limbs by crawling, and cultivate the overall coordination of the body. In addition to serving as an assistant facility for sports, crawling mats can also stimulate the baby's visual field, which stimulates the baby's curiosity about the world and fosters their thirst for knowledge. The vivid patterns on the crawling mat will attract the baby's curiosity and attention. This process is fun to teach and enhances the baby's learning ability while increasing interest.

How to Choose and Purchase baby crawling mat?

Choosing crawling mat should pay attention to two factors: one is whether the material is safe and environmentally friendly; the other is whether the size and pattern of the product are suitable. The following are elaborated separately.

  • Safety and environmentally-friendly
1. No odor: Because the baby will crawl repeatedly on the crawling mat, so safety and non-toxicity is the first consideration, we must choose the odorless baby crawling mat.
2. Elasticity: The product with qualified quality has good elasticity and recovers quickly after pressing.
3. Don't fade: You can take a piece of white facial paper and wipe it back and forth on the crawling mat to check whether it fades.

  • Size and pattern
1. Thickness: If geothermal films are installed indoors, it is advisable to choose 5 mm thick products; if there is no geothermal films, it is advisable to choose 10 mm baby crawling mat. In addition, thicker crawling mats are recommended in winter, and thin crawling mats are recommended in summer.
2. Dimensions: The commonly used sizes are 59 *70 or 78 *70 inches. Everyone is free to choose according to the size of the indoor area.
3. Patterns: crawling mats have letters, animals, plants, numbers and other patterns to choose from, customers can also choose to customize other beautiful and vivid pictures. Buying according to your baby's preferences can help your baby understand the world, and it's also a way of learning.

Our mats supply infant with a blissful place to grasp the artwork of rolling, sitting, and crawling. Our crawling mats also has room for you, and you can be more hands on with your little one's crawling experiences. The non- skid backing and the affect absorbing reminiscence foam is the highlight of our designs.

The Jietai crawling mat does not cross around or slip from below your infant no count number how plenty it moves; it also presents a soft and warm sleeping place for your infant if they pick a nap in the center of their rolling and crawling play time. All of our mats are certified by using EN71 and cherished by using new parents.Yiwu Jietai Carpet Co., Ltd. is a sincere provider of infant crawling mats, specializing in providing a range of incredible baby crawling mats. . Buying high-quality baby crawling mats from us will make you worry-free.