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Cotton play mat is made of all cotton on the surface and filled with pp cotton in the middle. It is free of formaldehyde and toxic substances. It is environmentally friendly and healthy. The hand feel of cotton is soft. The thickened design is more comfortable, with bright color, no shrinkage, and no deformation. Digital printing technology is used for the surface pattern part, and splicing technology is used for parts of ears, horns, and wings, which makes the whole cushion look more vivid and interesting, and opens up the baby's imagination. The baby prefers to play on it.

Advantages of cotton play mat

1. Filled with high elastic cotton, soft sponge-like cloud, more uniform force, strong resilience, good cushioning, which is conducive to protect the baby's knee.

2. The surface is made of pure cotton, with comfortable texture, layer upon layer security, and 360-degree care for the baby's delicate skin.

3. Two cleaning methods of hand washing and machine washing are supported, which is more convenient for parents.

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