• XPE Baby Mats
    A baby activity mat is ideal for use at home or on the go and makes a great baby shower or new baby gift. Our XPE baby mat adopt XPE cotton as its main material which also used to produce disposable food boxes, plastic cups, plastic wrap, etc. 
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  • Interlocking Baby Play Mats
    As your baby begins rolling over and starts their trip on learning how to crawl, ,you favor a covered and easy location for them. Learning how to crawl on  hardwood floors or regular rugs is not ideal; your infant would perchance get a rash or harm themselves.
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  • EPE Baby Mats
    As your baby begins rolling over and starts their trip on learning how to crawl, ,you want a protected and smooth area for them. Learning how to crawl on hardwood floors or ordinary rugs is not ideal; your baby would possibly get a rash or harm themselves. As they are no longer fully in manipulate of their movements, you desire a area that is safe for your baby to examine how to desirable crawl on the floor.
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  • YIWU JIETAI RUG CO., LTD was founded in YIWU, CHINA where is the biggest commodities' distribution center. Our company has been engaged in the Baby Mat industry since 2007 and has accumulated rich experience in the production and sales of baby mats and floor mats. As a professional manufacturer for various kinds of baby mat and floor mats, our main products include EPE&XPE series: baby play mat, interlocking mat, folding play mat, 3D PE Brick waterproof wallpaper; and kinds of floor mats of various styles, and can meet different user needs customized colors and patterns. OEM order is available. Our baby mats and floor mats are not only popular in China but also exported to more than 30 countries, such as North America, Europe, South America, Australia, Africa, Southeast Asia and so on.

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  • 09.22.2020

    Factors to Consider when Choosing Baby Mats (2) 1. Wear-resistant, waterproof and antiskidThe rougher the surface of the mat, the more vulnerable it is, the easier it will peel when heated, and the shorter the service life. No matter what kind of m...
  • 09.21.2020

    What are EPE Baby Mats EPE, also known as pearl wool, is an odorless, environmentally friendly material made of low density polyethylene ester (LDPE) produced by physical foaming with numerous independent bubbles. It overco...
  • 09.20.2020

    Basic Knowledge of Baby Mats In recent years, baby mats have been gradually promoted in the domestic. After the baby is one year old, the baby mats, and the fence can provide favorable conditions for the baby to learn to walk. Wh...


  • Interlocking Baby Play Mats Baby Care

    Crawling mat is a kind of sports assistant product for baby crawling, also known as baby game mat, baby activity mat. In recent years some new synthetic crawling mat have come out.

  • Interlocking Baby Play Mats EPE Beach Mat

    Nowadays many families like to go to the seaside for a holiday in summer. Swimming by the sea or playing on the beach with children is an indispensable leisure activity during the holiday. Beach Mats ...

  • Interlocking Baby Play Mats Outdoor Care-XPE Folding Mat as Outdoor Picnic Mat

    If in your spare time you always want to get together with friends or want to go out to the park or the countryside with your family, an outdoor picnic is a good choice. Sitting on the grass, having a...

  • Interlocking Baby Play Mats Baby Care of Interlocking Mat

    Baby interlocking mat is mainly composed of EPE or Xpe and PE film, the middle layer is EPE / XPE(Pearl Foam cotton) is a kind of tasteless eco-friendly material, which is often used in food packaging...