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Social Responsibility

We realized that our operations have a great impact on our local, regional and global environment, so we are delighted to make a contribution to global environmental protection.

JieTai Rug Environmental Policy Statement/OUR ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY STATEMENT

We recognize the impact we have on the environment and the communities in which we work.  Our long term vision is to restore the environment and enrich the local communities in which our developments and operations are placed. Our goal is to be the leader in sustainable environmental practice.

To achieve our vision, we will:
• Inform and comply with environmental legislation, regulation and other requirements as a minimum, we seek to meet or exceed industry best practice and to innovate along that journey.
• Employ strategies to use our resources efficiently, eliminate or minimize any polluting activities to air, land and water and minimize and control our waste, segregate for re-use and recycle wherever practical.
• Identify our environmental and social Impacts and explore every opportunity to demonstrate a positive impact on the environment and our local communities in all our activities and developments, and those of our supply chain.
• Exhibit leadership through the continual improvement of our environmental and social performance.
• Demonstrate forward-thinking through planning for and adapting to climate change.
• Demonstrate responsible procurement of materials, products, and services.
• Train all of our employees and promote environmental best practice to our clients and supply chain partners.

We are committed to the following actions:
1. We will promote the use of Best Practice identified from our projects

2. We will be advocates for sustainable design with our clients, consultants, supply chain and employees to ensure that the importance of sustainable design and construction is recognized in our delivery of variations and Lie Cycle replacement.

3. We will encourage clients to commission projects which:
• Use natural resources efficiently, no waste of any power during work.
• Encourage our clients to minimize potential risk to land, water and atmospheric environmental systems and enhance the local environment by adding value to local ecological systems.

This Position Statement has been developed to help our business to meet the objectives of our Global Environment Policy.