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As your baby begins rolling over and starts on their journey of learning how to crawl, you want a protected and smooth area for them. Learning how to crawl on hardwood floors or ordinary rugs is not ideal; your baby could possibly get a rash or harm themselves. As they are not yet fully able to control their own movements, you desire an area that is safe for your baby to examine how to crawl desirably on the floor. Most hardwood flooring or marble floors are slippery, and that is a huge hazard for the little ones. Getting a baby play mat for your infant can assist in creating an environment that is secure and injury-proof for small babies. So choosing a good play mat is a very important thing for a baby. Our company's EPE baby play mats use food-grade EPE foam as the main raw material, which is widely used in fruit packaging. It is non-toxic and tasteless. They are very popular in the market.

Advantages Of EPE Baby Play Mats

  • 01 Eco-friendly, safety and non-toxicity

    The baby play mats of Jietai Company are processed with non-toxic and odorless raw materials without any harmful ingredients. The product meets the requirements of national safety technical specifications for toys and passes the testing of SGS EN71 and other international authoritative organizations to ensure the safety of infants and young children.
    The main material of the EPE baby play mat is pearl cotton, which is a non-toxic, odorless, and eco-friendly material consisting of numerous independent bubbles produced by physical foaming of low-density polyethylene grease. It overcomes the shortcomings of fragility, deformation, and poor recovery of common foam rubber. It has many advantages, such as being waterproof and moisture-proof, being shockproof, having sound insulation properties, heat preservation, good plasticity, strong toughness, recycling, eco-friendly, and strong impact resistance.
  • 02 Damp proof and effortlessly cleaning

    The EPE baby play mat uses damp-proof material from the interior to the outside which is waterproof and fouling resistant. It can be quickly cleaned if there are any splodges on it.
  • 03 Light texture, easy to carry and place

    The EPE baby play mat of Jietai Company is very light. It can be folded and carried out when you go out to play or can be folded and placed at home. It is very convenient.

Multi-Functions of EPE Baby Play Mats

Single or double facet with photographs so two facets can be used. One mat with lots of functions such as gaining knowledge of crawling, taking part in games, going on a picnic, and so on. You needn’t think about whether or not it will be left unused.

Size and Customized Service of EPE Baby Play Mats

Jietai EPE baby play mats have many sizes, colors, patterns and thicknesses for customers to choose from. Conventional sizes are 39 x 70 inches, 47 x 70 inches, 59 x 61 inches and 76 x 61 inches. Moreover, while we provide OEM processing and exclusive customization services, customized in accordance with consumer dimension and sample requirements, we do our best to serve our customers.

Maintenance of EPE Baby Play Mats

1. The EPE baby play mat will have a slight smell when it is just opened, but it will disappear in a few days.
2. The folding marks will disappear after spreading, 1-2 weeks later.
3. When cleaning, please use a wet cloth to scrub. Do not immerse the mat in water.
4. Do not use sharp or hard scratches to scratch the surface of the EPE baby play mat, and keep the play mat away from high-temperature items.

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