baby play mats

XPE Baby Mats

A baby activity mat is ideal for use at home or on the go and makes a great baby shower or new baby gift. Our XPE baby mat adopt XPE cotton as its main material which also used to produce disposable food boxes, plastic cups, plastic wrap, etc. The material is food-grade with non-toxic and odorless harmless to human body. We offer beautiful designs of die-cut XPE play mats in many different design themes, so it is so easy to put together a playroom floor that is not only soft and safe, but attractive as well.

Advantages of XPE Baby Mats

  • 01 Safe and environmental

    The surface uses the food grade loftex film material which is waterproof and in the meantime, protect your baby's eyesight by no reflecting. With the technology of color ink printing , the color is more beautiful and not get fade easily. Besides, the ink is inside so baby can not touch it, which make our product more safe and environment.
  • 02 Anti-seismic and fell

    XPE baby mat uses XPE which is chemical crosslinked, polyethylene foaming and high density. It is made of low density polyethylene resin by continuous foaming at high temperature. Compare with normal baby mat, XPE baby mat with higher tensile strength, better bubble is more elastic. The higher density the XPE is, the buffering better, so it can be more efficient to reduce the impact force, seismic, fell and further protect baby's bones.  Double "L" perceptual massage texture: there are regular "L" textures on the surface which effectively increases the friction of the baby mat and avoid the slip. To some extent, it protect babies so well.
  • 03 Damp proof and easily cleaning

    XPE mat uses damp proof material from inside to outside which is waterproof and antifouling. It can be quickly cleared if there are some blots on it.
  • 04 Light, portable and convenient for storage

    XPE mat takes phototyping technology. It can be folded and rolled for storage or carry. Big size and small volume. Strong toughness and unbreakable.