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  • What Is a Yoga Mat? Get Your Free Sample

    A yoga mat is the mat laid on the ground when practicing Yoga. The purpose of Yoga is to exercise and achieve spiritual insight and relaxation at the same time. You can accomplish this sort of exercise through a series of stretches, meditation, and poses too. The result is that you feel better, both mentally and physically. One of the original accessories that you need for yoga exercises is a yoga mat. A yoga mat with lines not only has the general functions of a traditional yoga mat but also guides the practice of more scientific and accurate yoga postures. 
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  • The Material of a Yoga Mat

    The TPE yoga mat is a kind of eco-friendly material of natural latex and hemp. It can be recycled and reused. It will not cause environmental pollution after being discarded. A TPE material yoga mat has good elasticity, anti-skid effect, good toughness, and string tension, and it is light and easy to roll. Its processing can achieve any size and thickness.
    A PVC yoga mat is made of PVC material. The price of PVC material is affordable and cost-effective. An excellent quality PVC yoga mat is made of natural latex, hemp, and other natural materials. The most typical representative is high-density PVC.
    A natural rubber yoga mat is made of a kind of rubber liquid from the rubber tree. 91% ~ 94% of it is rubber hydrocarbon, and the rest is protein, fatty acid, ash, sugar, and other non-rubber substances. It is characterized by natural environmental protection, excellent elasticity, anti-skid, and is thick and close to the ground. A size within 4 mm is the best, but the cost of this material is very high.
    A PU yoga mat is mainly made of polyurethane, which is a new kind of organic polymer material used in the yoga mat field because of its excellent anti-skid performance. It is usually used in combination with other materials (such as natural rubber, TPE).
    A flax yoga mat is mainly made of a kind of flax herb, which can be divided into fiber flax, oil flax, and oil fiber flax. A yoga mat made of this material has excellent skid resistance, but it is very rough and not comfortable enough.
    A cork yoga mat is made of environment-friendly materials. It is not only soft but also waterproof, heat-insulating, wear-resistant, shock-absorbing, and light-weight. Doing yoga on the cork mat is like being in nature, which is very conducive to physical and mental relaxation.
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  • The Function of a Yoga Mat

    First of all, consider the protective effect of a yoga mat. Compared with a general training spot, whether on the ground or in bed, it is not enough for our body to fully stretch. The yoga mat not only allows our body to be stretched as much as possible, but it can also protect our body.
    Secondly, there are indications that a yoga mat used for yoga action practice is also perfect because some yoga mats have a positive guiding part, which can help practitioners adjust their posture.
    Finally, it is the elasticity and support of a yoga mat, which can help practitioners avoid injury caused by excessive force on the knee and other fulcrum parts during the exercise. 
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  • Cleaning and Maintenance of Yoga Mats

    1. It is best to clean your yoga mat every other week.
    2. If your mat has been barely soiled, using a sponge and a combination of mild detergent with water to create a dilute soapy mixture is all it takes to clean it easily. Mildly rub-down the dirty components and finish off using a sponge dipped in hot water to clear the foam. Let it dry out completely before putting it away.
    3. Do not soak the yoga mat and leave residual detergent on the yoga mat's surface. 
    4. Dry the yoga mat in a ventilated place and do not expose it to the sun.
    5. Do not use cleaning products containing tea tree oil or any oily ingredients.
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