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Anti-slip waterproof mat is made of PVC foaming material after processing. PVC foamed cotton is also called PVC closed-cell foaming material, also known as polyvinyl chloride foamed cotton. It is an independent closed-cell foaming material made of polyvinyl chloride plastics as the main raw material, adding foaming agent, additives and other raw materials after high temperature mixing, which has anti-skid effect. This product is widely used in bathrooms, toilets, public toilets, fountains, swimming pools, car wash shops, saunas, kitchens and other water-prone places., and is deeply loved by consumers.

Function Of Anti-Slip Waterproof Mats

  • 01 Remove Dust And Moisture

    Anti-slip waterproof mat can effectively remove dust and moisture at the entrance and keep the indoor floor clean.
  • 02 Soft Rubber Material

    Anti-slip waterproof mat is mainly made of soft rubber material, which has the advantages of acid and alkali resistance, ultraviolet resistance, non-fading, high temperature resistance and cold resistance.
  • 03 Hollow Through Bottom Design

    Anti-slip waterproof mat is generally designed with hollow through bottom, which can quickly and effectively remove water, make the ground free of water accumulation, safe and non-skid, and keep the ground dry and clean.
  • 04 Indispensable Tool For Cleaning

    Anti-slip waterproof mat is designed with special rivet fastening and has a unique super-strong pull ring, which is easy to disassemble, clean and install. Anti-slip waterproof mat is an indispensable tool for cleaning and labor protection in laboratories, food processing zones, hotels, gyms, automobile maintenance centers, toilets and bathrooms.

Cleaning Method of Anti-slip Waterproof Mats

1. Please first take the Anti-slip waterproof mat in outdoor and knock it  with a wooden stick to remove debris left on the mat.
2. Pour the diluted detergent on the mat for 10 minutes.
3. Then clean the bubble thoroughly with water after brushing the positive and negative sides of the mat with a soft brush.
4. If you want to storage, please put the washed mat in a cool place to dry and roll it up for storage. If you continue to use it, you don't need to air it.

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