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Chenille carpet is a carpet made of Chenille yarn. Chenille carpet is made of fine and strong cotton yarn as warp and Chenille yarn as weft. After weaving, Chenille yarn plush is clustered on the surface of the fabric. The pattern on the color Chenille carpet should be selected before the production of Chenille yarn. According to the position of the weft yarn on the carpet, the color distribution of the chenille yarn is determined. When weaving the carpet, the pattern is formed by aiming at the position of the weft yarn in the fabric one by one. Chenille carpet is a high-grade decorative textile because of its complex technology and high price.

Function Of Chenille Carpets

  • 01 Soft Paving Material

    Chenille carpet is a kind of soft paving material. Its good anti-skid and softness make people not easy to slip and injure on the carpet. So if the children's room is covered with Chenille carpet, it can make the children safer and more secure.
  • 02 Simple To Lay, Diverse In Shape

    Chenille carpet absorbs water very well. Chenille carpet is simple to lay, diverse in shape and rich in design and color, which can beautify the home environment and reflect the home taste of the owner.
  • 03 Tight Breathable Structure

    Chenille carpet can absorb and isolate sound wave because of its tight breathable structure, and has good sound absorption and insulation effect. Laying Chenille carpet can not only keep the quiet of their own home, but also prevent the noise from disturbing the downstairs residents.
  • 04 Capture And Absorb Dust

    Chenille carpet surface fluff can capture and absorb dust particles floating in the air and improve indoor air quality.
  • 05 Keeping Warm In Winter

    Chenille carpet is very effective in keeping warm in winter.

Maintenance Of Chenille Carpets

Chenille carpet maintenance and cleaning is very convenient, you can use some detergent to wash the carpet by hand or with a washing machine gently, without professional care, to save the trouble of customer carpet maintenance.

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