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  • Function of Home Carpets

    1. Compared with other materials, home carpets can absorb and isolate sound waves because of its structure. So it has a good effect of sound insulation.
    2. Home carpets could decorate the home environment. They are practical and decorative handicraft articles, because they have rich colors. Moreover, you can customize different unique carpets by yourself. It will become the fashion element of a people to show themself.
    3. Home carpet has a certain degree of warmth retention than other floor material. It has a better heat conduction effect on the heating form of ground so that increase the warmth and comfort feeling.
    4. Walking on home carpets will not slip. Because of its soft and flexible ability, home carpets can prevent family members from falling and injured. What’s more, walking on the soft and elastic carpet will feel full relaxation and reduce fatigue which is definitely from the hard ground.
    5.Thanks to the carpet’s structure, the dust falling in the air will be absorbed by the carpet, which prevents the dust from spreading everywhere and reduces the dust content in the air. It also has the function of balancing the indoor temperature and keeping the indoor air clean.
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  • Sizes of Home Carpets

    These sizes are suitable for bathrooms, kitchens and doorways.
    This size is suitable for small coffee table.
    59X94inchs, 70X106inchs
    These sizes are suitable for laying under the sofa.
    These sizes are suitable for living rooms, dining rooms or bedrooms. Customers can also customize different sizes according to their own requirements.
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  • Categories of Home Carpets

    Pure wool carpet: soft feel, high tension, good elasticity, thick texture, comfortable feeling, antistatic. Nowadays, the sheep wool is the best raw material for carpet weaving in the world. This kind of carpet is relatively expensive, so it is mainly used in living rooms, bedrooms and other places of high-level villas.

    Blended carpet: Compared with pure wool carpet, this kind of carpet add chemical fibers into raw materials. Its characteristics and feelings are not different from pure wool carpet very much with stronger wear resistance, insect resistance, corrosion resistance, and its price is lower. Therefore, it is widely used in our home life.

    Chemical fiber carpet: It is known as synthetic fiber carpet, its texture and visual feel are similar to wool with wear resistance, good elasticity and many other abilities. Because they have the characteristics of flame retardant, anti-fouling, anti-moth, it is easier to clean than other materials. It is now widely used in home decoration.

    Plastic carpet: This kind of carpet is waterproof, so it is mainly used in bathroom and other slippery places. The characteristics of soft texture, comfort and durability make it possible to replace pure wool carpet and chemical fiber carpet.

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