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Polypropylene carpet is a synthetic fiber carpet made from petroleum refined propylene. Polypropylene carpet belongs to chemical fibers. Polypropylene carpet has the advantages of light texture, low price, friction resistance and good care. Especially, the technological progress in recent decades has greatly improved the comfort and decoration of polypropylene carpet, which has made polypropylene carpet popular and sought after by people.

Function of Polypropylene Floor Mats

  • 01 Lightweight Texture

    The greatest advantage of polypropylene carpet is its lightweight texture. Its density is only 0.91g/cm3, which is the lightest in common chemical fibers. Therefore, the same weight polypropylene carpet can get higher coverage area than other fiber carpets.
  • 02 Low Cost

    The production cost of polypropylene carpet is low, the raw materials are abundant, and after adjusting the content of ingredients, it also has the effects of flame retardant, heat insulation, heat preservation, wear resistance, sound insulation, antistatic and sound absorption.
  • 03 High Strength & Large Expansion

    Polypropylene carpet has the advantages of high strength, large expansion and good elasticity. So the polypropylene carpet has good wear resistance.
  • 04 Moisture Absorption

    The moisture absorption of polypropylene carpet is very small, and the moisture regain under general climatic conditions is close to zero. But it has a wicking effect and can transfer water vapor through capillaries in fabrics, but it does not absorb any water itself. Polypropylene carpet can keep No deformation and non-cracking in different climate.
  • 05 Good Chemical Corrosion Resistance

    Polypropylene carpet has good chemical corrosion resistance. Apart from concentrated nitric acid and caustic sodium, polypropylene carpet has good acid and alkali resistance.
  • 06 Anti-Aging Properties

    Polypropylene carpet has poor light resistance, poor thermal stability, easy aging and not resistant to ironing. However, anti-aging properties can be improved by adding anti-aging agent to the spinning process.
  • 07 Good Electrical Insulation

    Polypropylene carpet has good electrical insulation.
  • 08 Dyed With Raw Liquor

    The polypropylene carpet is dyed with raw liquor, which shows a concise, generous and elegant atmosphere

Varieties of Polypropylene Floor Mats

The varieties of polypropylene carpet are filament, staple fiber, bristle fiber, membrane split fiber, hollow fiber, special-shaped fiber, all kinds of composite fiber polypropylene carpet.

Maintenance Of Polypropylene Floor Mats

1. Polypropylene carpet fluff is easy to accumulate dust. Vacuum cleaner is very effective for polypropylene carpet dust.

2. Hand-held vacuum cleaners are used to deal with areas where falling ash is particularly serious, such as corners, beneath tables and chairs, and bedside.

3. New stains are the easiest to remove and must be removed in time. If the stain is to be dried or infiltrated into the deep part of the polypropylene carpet, it will cause long-term damage to the polypropylene carpet.

4. Regular mid-term cleaning. The polypropylene carpet should be cleaned by tools in the medium term to remove the sticky dirt. Once the dust deposits deep in the carpet fibers, it should be sent to the cleaning shop for cleaning. After several years of using polypropylene carpet, it is better to change the position to make it wear evenly. If the polypropylene carpet has uneven, tap it gently. Hot towels or steam irons can also be used to smooth the carpet gently.

5. After the polypropylene carpet is wiped with clean water, please use a clean towel to absorb the water and dry the carpet as soon as possible. Please do not expose the carpet to the sun in order to avoid fading.

6. Rolling brushes can not only comb polypropylene carpets, but also brush dust and dirt.

7. If you break glass on a polypropylene carpet, you can use a wider tape or cotton dipped in water to stick up the tiny broken glass, and then use a vacuum cleaner to remove it.

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