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PVC coil mat carpet is a carpet made of PVC resin material. It is made of PVC and its copolymer resin as the main raw material, with fillers, plasticizers, stabilizers, colorants and other auxiliary materials. It is formed on a continuous sheet of substrate by uniform mixing, coating process or by calendering and extrusion process.PVC coil mat carpet is widely used in daily life. It is suitable for families, schools, hospitals, office buildings, factories, supermarkets, stadiums and other public places.

Function Of PVC Coil Mat Carpets

  • 01 Practicality

    PVC coil mat carpet has the characteristics of soft texture, bright color, comfortable and durable, easy to clean, non-flammable and self-extinguishing, not afraid of dampness, so it is especially suitable for hotels, shopping malls, stage, home and other places. Because of its good waterproof and skid-proof performance can effectively prevent carpet displacement, so it is also particularly suitable for use in bathroom.
  • 02 Aesthetics

    Because of its unique research and development and production process, PVC coil mat carpet emphasizes the latest fashion and popular decoration taste after meeting the practical needs. It can provide a variety of choices, and can give each space a unique charm. In addition to textile texture and characteristics, PVC coil mat carpet also has the use value of vinyl, which is easy to maintain and durable.

Maintenance And Cleaning Of PVC Coil Mat Carpets

1. PVC coil mat carpet only needs to be cleaned by vacuum cleaner and special mop.

2. If there are spots or stains on the PVC coil mat carpet, spray directly on the stains with general cleaning agents and soapy water,then wipe with a nylon brush and wipe the foam with a cloth, final rinse with water and clean up with a cloth or mop.

3. PVC coil mat carpet needs to be cleaned 3-4 times a year with a cleaning carpet machine to brush with wheels, water and detergent for deep cleaning. The cleaning times depend on the use status and color.When cleaning, a little bleaching water can be added to the water to disinfect and sterilize(Note:. No waxing is needed after cleaning. ).

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