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The crawling mat is a movement aid for baby's crawl, also known as the baby play mat, the baby activity mat. In recent years some new synthetic crawling mats have been introduced. The most common crawling mats are made of a middle layer of polyvinyl chloride, expandable polyethylene (EPE) asThe crawling mat is a movement aid for baby's crawl, also known as the epe baby play mat , or chemically crosslinked polyethylene foam (XPE) as XPE baby play mat, with a protective film on both sides. These products are relatively light and relatively easy to clean.

What the crawling mats do

The function of this product is as follows:
1. To ensure personal safety
A 3-month-old baby will roll over, and putting baby to bed alone is a risk of falling, so it's best to put him on the floor, where a crawling mat is needed to keep the baby safe and warm.
2. Promote physical development
Place baby on a crawling mat and let him crawl to strengthen his limbs and develop coordination between them and his torso.
3. It's good for the mind
Crawling may seem simple, but it's a complex movement that requires the brain and Cerebellum to work together. Regular crawling, you can make the baby's brain and Cerebellum to get better coordination. Besides, the words, symbols, pictures on the climbing mat can stimulate the baby's visual sense, enhance their understanding of the world, enlighten their wisdom.
4. Develop an interest in learning
In addition to being an aid to movement, the crawling mat can also stimulate the baby's visual field. These stimulations will encourage the baby to the world curiosity, cultivate their interest. Those lively and lively patterns on the climbing Mat will attract the baby's curiosity and attention. The process is both fun and educational, Enhancing the baby's ability to learn while adding interest.

How to buy a climbing mat

Choose a crawling mat; we should pay attention to two factors: one is whether the material is safe and environmental protection; the other is whether the size and pattern of the product are suitable. Here are a few of them.
Safety and environmental protection
1. No odor: Because the baby will crawl back and forth on the crawling mat, so the safety of non-toxic is the first consideration. Choose odorless products.
2. Elastic: The quality of the product is very flexible, can be pressed after a quick recovery.
3. Do not fade: take a piece of white tissue paper, in the crawling mat to wipe back and forth, check whether fade.

Size and pattern
1. Thickness: if the indoor installation of geothermal film, choose 5 mm thick products is appropriate; if no geothermal movie can be selected, the thickness of about 10 mm crawling mat. Besides, there are seasonal factors: Winter when the use of a thick crawling mat, summer use thin
2. Size:The average size is 48 inches wide, 60 inches wide, and 79 inches wide, depending on the size of the room.
3. Patterns: Patterns can be selected letters, animals, plants, figures, etc. , can also be customized to other beautiful vivid screens. It's also a way to learn, buy things that your baby likes, and help the baby understand the world.
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