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EPE Beach Mat

Nowadays many families like to go to the seaside for a holiday in summer. Swimming by the sea or playing on the beach with children is an indispensable leisure activity. Beach Mats can be beneficial for such occasions. The surface of the EPE beach mat is made of food-grade PE waterproof film, the middle is EPE Pearl cotton, and the bottom layer is made of aluminized film.

The structure of the EPE Beach Mat

The first layer is the food-grade PE color film with inside-printing technology.
The second layer is EPE pearl cotton, which is made of non-crosslinked closed-cell structure polyethylene foam. It is composed of numerous independent bubbles produced by the physical foaming of Low-density polyethylene resin.
The third layer is EPE aluminized film, which cannot only play a sound effect of heat preservation and moisture prevention but also increase the firmness of the aluminum film so that the service life is longer.

Features of EPE Beach Mat

1. EPE beach mats are colorful and pleasing to the eye. It is different from the monotonous color Picnic Mat, the New Beach Mat design and blue sky and blue sea complement each other, and can enrich people's senses, let people taste every good life.
2. EPE Beach Mat is easy to carry. Its ultra-lightweight and portable design makes it easy to carry and doesn't add to the weight people carry when they go out.
EPE Beach Mat is easy to clean. Gently wipe it with a damp cloth that can be clean, free from cleaning troubles.

EPE Beach Mat Function

1. It's moisture-proof and temperature-proof, and it allows people to rest even on the wet sand below.
2. Its delicate design can increase people's appetite for picnics by the sea.
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