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Baby Care of Interlocking Mat

Baby interlocking mat is mainly composed of EPE or Xpe and PE film; the middle layer is EPE / XPE(Pearl Foam cotton) is a kind of tasteless eco-friendly material, which is often used in food packaging. The surface layer is PE film is an eco-friendly color film, which is used for pattern printing.

Advantages of Interlocking Mat

The interlocking mat is designed with a double-sided pattern, which can be assembled as a whole and convenient for storage.
Baby interlocking mats formed by physical foaming to form numerous individual bubbles absorb the impact force to create a cushion, just as the arms of an adult can effectively reduce the impact force of a fall, reducing the risk of injury to the baby.
Baby interlocking mat surface uses the double-sided printing technology to print the green ink pattern in the food-grade PE film inner layer. The ink will not be touched by baby skin, it is healthy and non-stimulation, it will not fade.
PE waterproof film design is adopted for a baby interlocking mat, which can clean all kinds of stains as soon as they are wiped, so it is not easy to breed bacteria.
Baby interlocking is to cut a complete baby pad with an integrated knife die, and its joint section is flat and mixed, so kids can enjoy jumping and playing on it, which is not easy to separate.

Functions of Interlocking Mat

Infants (Birth to 9 months)
This stage is the baby motor growth stage. He began to practice crawling; interlocking mat unique cushioning can effectively protect the baby's hands and feet and some vital body parts.

Young toddlers (9 months to 2-year-olds )
After the first stage, the baby's motor nerves are fully developed, and he begins to take his first steps. At this stage, the baby's head is massive, and his balance is reduced, which makes him more prone to falls; a baby interlocking mat can effectively reduce the impact force of falls.

Toddlers ( 2 to 4-year-olds )
In this early stage of the educational game, babies sit on the floor and play with toys. The colorful colors of the baby interlocking mat benefit the baby's sensory development. The Jietai interlocking mat is double-sided and available in various puzzle patterns and pictures, all designed to capture and engage your child's curiosity. Combined with the flexible interlocking mat design, in the Spring and summer, it can block the hot-air to stick baby's skin and, in the autumn and winter, can isolate the ground from the cold and damp, fully ensure the baby's health.

Young Children (4 to 7+-year-olds)
Children at this stage, like jumping, running, an interlocking mat, can entirely reduce the noise, its efficient non-slip design, and PE rebound buffering characteristics, to prevent children from falling and injury.

Jietai baby interlocking mats are produced in strict accordance with EN71, ASTM F963, and other standards. The products can make consumers and parents feel at ease.