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Before Buying a Baby Crawling Mat, you must look at these two Points and Stay away from the "Black-core Pad"

For many mothers, choosing a crawling mat is particularly worrying. Many news reports have revealed that children's crawling mats contain a lot of harmful substances, and there are safety problems. How can this be avoided?

Material safety is the most important thing for direct contact with baby's skin. The amount of formamide, formaldehyde, bisphenol A and heavy metal harmful substances in a qualified crawling mat should be zero or within the safe range. Now most families are accustomed to using foam material crawling mat, when buying baby climbing mat, we must pay attention to these 2 points:

1. Select PVC or XPE material preferentially

Generally speaking, foam material crawling mat is generally divided into PVC, XPE, EPE, EVA. EVA is the cheapest of all materials, but it is the most dangerous for babies. It is recommended not to buy EVA. Because of the problems of chemical technology, it has serious safety risks of formamide exceeding the standard, and the mattress made of it has a gum odor which is difficult to emit.

From the point of view of safety, it is suggested that PVC and XPE should be chosen first. On price, PVC is more expensive, but it can reassure mom. Because PVC is a very environmentally friendly and healthy material, such as the pipes of the world's top 10 water purifiers, drinking hot water pipes in large buildings, including infusion hoses, all use PVC. In short, the mother buys baby crawling mat and asks the merchant: What is the material of this cushion?

2. Be sure to read the test report

Asked about the material is not enough, we must see the test report. Oeko-Tex certification is German testing certification, it is very authoritative, if the crawling pad has this certification, then you can safely buy. Most crawling mats have SGS certification and 3C certification, both certificates are complete, mother can continue to choose. Mothers are advised to look directly at the SGS test report and keep an eye on the test results. The results show ND, which means that the crawling mat does not contain these toxic substances.