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Custom Made Yoga Mats Can Help You Shape Up Elegantly

Yoga is a sport that originated in India for thousands of years and is now popular among people.It's common sense to have a yoga mat to protect yourself. Do you want a custom made yoga mat that is just for you to have a more relaxing and enjoyable time in yoga?

Why not take a look at our custom made yoga mats from Yiwu Jietai Carpet Co.LTD.

1. Perfect thickness.

The thickness is moderate, about 6~10mm, only 1.6kg, no weight feeling, thin and light, at the same time no loss of comfort in use. It can be used alone, suitable for going out, travel, not easy to expansion and deformation.

2. Perfect Material Jietai can provide a variety of materials to customize yoga mats, such as:

1) The TPE yoga mat, mainly composed of TPE and EVA and artificial rubber etc., is soft and has good quality and elasticity and high anti-sliding effect. The yoga mat of this material is a more promising product at present and is loved by environmentalists.

2) PVC yoga mat is widely used with cheaper price, variety of colors, low production cost and simple process. It can easily be customized according to customers' requirements and is popular among the public.

3) EVA yoga mat is also very environmentally friendly. There are both cheap and high-end. The Middle East market prefers EVA yoga mats.

3. The perfect anti-sliding material creates excellent anti-sliding effect. Even if you are sweating profusely, you don't need to worry about the danger and injury brought by sliding. The custom made yoga mat is a thoughtful treasure during practice.

4. Customized colors and patterns.

We can customize the perfect yoga mat according to your favorite color and pattern.

Welcome to Yiwu Jieta Carpet Co. LTD to customize your yoga mat and help you shape an elegant body!