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How to Choose Baby Mats According to Functions

Baby mats can be divided into many types according to functions. You can choose the suitable baby mats according to your needs.Here is the introduction of baby mats of different functions and their advant.

Interlocking baby mats

Interlocking baby play mats are square, and different manufacturers are free to produce different sizes for each interlocking baby play mat, because there is no uniform standard. If you buy baby mat made by manufacturer A and want to expand the area in the future, you still need to buy the same type of product made by manufacturer A and can't choose the baby mat made by manufacturer B.


Main advantages:

The size of the crawling mat can be allocated reasonably and freely DIY according to the actual space needed and the room space. When not in use, the interlocking baby mat won't occupy too much space, which is easy to disassemble and clean and  convenient to organize and place . If there are enough pieces of interlocking mats, you can build various shapes at will to cultivate children's imagination space.


If a commonly used baby mat is broken, you can replace that one only, then the whole baby mat will be complete and fine again.



When the baby is big and mischievous enough, and the service time is long enough, the splice always splits naturally and is not firm enough. This is the common problem of interlocking baby mats. With the same material, the same manufacturer and the same area, the price of interlocking baby mats is higher; generally this kind of baby mat can not be carried for travel.


One-piece baby mats

The one-piece baby mat looks like a mat, which requires a large fixed place at home for baby’s activity.


Main advantages:

The price is lower than that of interlocking mats with the same material, the same area and the same thickness; there is no need to worry about splits even the children roll, crawl, run and jump on the mat; It is easy to carry.


Main disadvantages:

The one-piece baby mat can only be rolled up because part of the material can not be folded. It is troublesome to store it when not in use; It takes up a lot of space whenever it is in use or not.


Folding baby play mat


Easy to carry and clean.



The protectiveness of folding baby mats is not as good as that of one-piece ones; they are generally suitable for camping and other activities that require portability.


Advice from JIETAI:

It is recommended to choose one-piece baby mat if there is a large area at home; If the space is irregular, you can choose the interlocking type; folding baby mat is recommended for camping trips.