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How to Choose Baby Mats According to Materials (I)

Speaking of materials, the materials of baby mats mainly include EVA, EPE, XPE and PVC. What are these materials?


The most outstanding advantage of PVC baby mat is its softness and comfort. PVC baby mat is as soft as mother's skin, which is very suitable for baby to crawl. It can stick on the ground tight and can’t be moved easily. PVC baby mat has the best skid resistance and comfort level among all kinds of crawling mats for infants, which is very durable. Of course, the price is also the highest. The price of PVC baby mat is 2-5 times as expensive as the price of other baby mats of the same size. It is recommended to customers with sufficient budget.


However, all kinds of chemical additives such as foaming agent and anti-aging agent need to be added in the foaming process. These foaming agents such as AC foaming agents are also prone to remain formamide. At the same time, hydrogen chloride is easily to be decomposed in the processing of PVC, therefore, it cannot be ruled out that the hydrogen chloride gas will be released during the use of the PVC crawling mat, which will cause harm to the baby.



In the field of chemical and organic chemistry, EVA refers to the ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer and the rubber and plastic foaming materials made from it, which is used for the production of refrigerator tubes, gas pipes, civil engineering plates, containers and daily necessities. EVA plastic itself is a non-toxic and environmentally friendly material, but foaming agent, but lubricant and other auxiliary additives will be added in the foaming process of EVA.


These auxiliary additives are commonly known as ingredients, which are likely to contain or produce toxic and harmful ingredients. For example, the commonly used foaming agent, azodicarbonamide, is easy to cause the residue of formamide, which will irritate baby's tender skin and cause his or her allergy. What is more, it will bring irreversible harm to the reproductive health of children.


In addition, EVA material has poor rebound resilience under long-term pressure and short service life. When opening the packaging of EVA crawling mat, you can obviously smell the irritating odor. The surface of the crawling mat is relatively hard and smooth. It is not recommended to buy this kind of baby mat because of its poor skid resistance and high risks.