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How to Choose Baby Mats According to Materials (II)


EPE is known as the first generation of pack PE foam, and is also called pearl wool. It is foamed of polyethylene and easy to process. EPE has the characteristics of light weight, low water absorption, good moisture resistance, good drug resistance, excellent buffering, which is non-crosslinked closed-cell structure. It is a high foam polyethylene product made by extruding the low density polyethylene (LDPE) as the main raw material.


EPE is composed of countless independent bubbles produced by the physical foaming of low density polyvinyl ester, which is the most advanced protective inner packing material in the world. EPE mats for babies are highly elastic and have a white appearance. Because Because it is completely independent bubble, EPE is light, flexible and flexional. In addition to absorbing the dispersion of impact force, it has a buffering effect., which overcomes the shortcomings of brittleness, deformation and restoration of ordinary polystyrene foam. EPE baby mats also have the characteristics of heat preservation, waterproof, dampproof, heat insulation, sound insulation, friction resistance, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, etc..


In addition, it has strong anti-aging ability and good machinability. The pink EPE raw material with electrostatic agent has a significant anti-static function. Laminated with PO film, aluminum film, woven products and other materials, EPE can also increase its tearing strength and UV protection.



XPE is known as the second generation of pack PE foam. As a kind of PE, XPE has most of the advantages of PE such as good resilience, comfort and safety, and it will not cause any side effect to baby’s skin. This material has the characteristic of good heat retention property, softness, adjustable softness and thickness, light weight, etc..

Good slip resistance: The closed-cell foam does not absorb water and is easy to wash, which can prevent the baby from slipping and falling.


The dampproof and antibacterial independent closed-cell structure effectively prevents water molecules from permeating into the mat, so that the water absorption is extremely low (almost zero). At the same time, the irradiation modification of electrons and the surface antibacterial treatment destroy the living environment of the bacteria, so as to protect children's health and  prevent children's clothes from getting wet and dirty.


Advice from JIETAI:

EPE and XPE materials are more environmentally friendly and denser. They are not easy to deform and have longer service life. It is recommended to choose and buy these materials for their best cost-effectiveness among all materials.