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How to Choose the Sizes of Baby Floor Mats for Crawling?

At present, the main specifications of baby floor mats for crawling on the market are 130*200, 150*200, 180*200, 180*250, 180*300 and other common sizes. Of course, there are also some relatively small sizes, such as 130*190 and 150*210. Therefore, how to choose a crawling mat for babies can start from the following three aspects:

1. Whether your baby is active

When babies start to crawl, they are slow in small areas. At this time, a small size of baby floor mats for crawling is suitable. However, they will need larger ones when they are growing up and can crawl in larger areas.

2. The personality of your baby

A large size of baby floor mats for crawling suits for babies who are born active. Otherwise, a small one is enough.

3.The size of the family space

The actual area of each family is also a consideration when choosing a suitable crawling mat.

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