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JIETAI Eco-friendly Baby Play Mat Lets Babies Crawl More Healthily

The newborn babies observe the world with curious eyes, and crawling is the most common way for them to explore the world before they stand up with their feet. Accordingly, how to choose a safe, comfortable, high quality and beautiful baby mat for them is the problem that mothers are very concerned about. JIETAI eco-friendly baby play mat brings safe and comfortable crawling feeling to babies. The baby mat is made of environmentally friendly materials and has the characteristics of sound insulation, cold insulation, heat insulation,drop resistance and waterproof. The characteristics will be introduced one by one as follows.


Environmental protection: The eco friendly play mat is innocuous, colorless and odorless, so don't worry if your child touches it with body or even mouth.


Sound insulation: With the mat on the floor, the sound will be reduced when children play on it, so the neighbors will not be bothered.


Drop resistance: The specially designed lines have anti-slip function and good elasticity, so don't worry about that children would hurt their knees when learning to crawl.


Waterproof: The special closed-cell structure material will not absorb water, so the mat can be washed directly and then dry it with a dry cloth if the baby urinates or defecates on it.


Cold insulation and heat insulation: It can be directly put on floors, grasses and squares without worrying about children's having a cold or being stabbed by grasses.


Durability: The advanced electronic crosslinking material is adopted, so that it will not age for 20 years and is durable.


JIETAI eco-friendly baby play mat has the advantages of cold insulation, heat insulation, elasticity , which has an anti-skidding structure, serving as the best tool for babies to practice crawling and walking.