baby play mats



Manufacturing Process of Baby Mats

1. The material of the baby mat

There are currently two materials: EPE and EVA.

2. The craft of the baby mat

(1) Selection of base material

Using the EVA baby mats, formamide is inevitable, which is one of the sources of pollution. Many EVA baby mats on the market have a pungent smell, which is the cause of formamide.

EPE uses low-density polyethylene (LDPE) as the main material and uses butane to foam. The auxiliary materials are medical grade talc and food grade monoglyceride. The whole production process is a physical change, so it is non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

(2) Printing

Printing is another source of pollution. Data shows that children's products have become the main cause of heavy metal pollution. Because paints containing heavy metals such as yellow lead, red lead and white lead can make the paint color lasting and bright, So generally, the brighter the paint is, the more heavy metals it contains.

The purpose of heat-sealing plastic wrap is to avoid direct contact between children and paint. However, the plastic wrap is easily scratched, so heat-sealing plastic wrap cannot fundamentally isolate it.