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Notice and Advantages and Disadvantages of Selection of Polyester Bath Rugs

Everyone likes to bathe barefoot, if the ground is wet, it is easy to slip and fall. So it is very important to choose a bathroom floor mat with rich color, anti-bacterial and environmental protection. It not only guarantees your safety, but also makes the bathroom more beautiful and hygienic.

Next, I'd like to introduce the matters needing attention and the advantages and disadvantages of the bath rugs.

Notes for the purchase of bath rugs:
1. The bathroom is the place with the most water, so when choosing the anti-skid mat in the bathroom, we should choose the material of high quality fluff, which makes people feel soft.

2. Bathroom anti-skid mat is mainly used in humid places, so we need to wash frequently, and choose the bathroom anti-skid mat which is easier to clean when choosing and purchasing.

3. When choosing and purchasing, we should understand the characteristics of all kinds of bathroom anti-skid pads, so that we can not buy blindly.

Advantages of different types of bath rugs:
1. Nylon bath rugs: good cleaning, not easy to deform, will produce static electricity, will be partially dissolved in case of fire.

2. Polyester bath rug. It is similar to nylon, characterized mainly by heat resistance and sun resistance.

3. Polypropylene bath rugs: high strength, good elasticity, light weight, low price.

4. Acrylic bath rugs: soft color, will not fade, warm, elastic, and anti-skid design on the back.

5. Pure cotton bath rugs: good water absorption, easy cleaning, good material plasticity.

We can choose bath rugs of different materials according to our own needs.

For example, if you want the bathroom mattress to last for a long time, the heat-resistant and sun-resistant polyester bath rugs can help you wash and air carelessly and prolong the use time of the mattress.