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XPE Interlocking Mat

As your baby begins rolling over and starts their trip on learning how to crawl, you favor a covered and easy location for them. Learning how to crawl on hardwood floors or regular rugs is not ideal; your infant would perchance get a rash or harm themselves. As they are no longer thoroughly in manipulate of their movements, you want a location that is protected for your child to examine how to properly crawl on the floor. Most hardwood floors or marble flooring are slippery, and that is a large hazard for the little ones. Getting a child play mat for your child can help to create a surrounding that is invulnerable and injury-proof for small babies. So selecting the right play mat is a very necessary thing for a baby. Our company's PE baby play mats use meals grade PE foam as the main material, which is broadly used in fruit packaging. It is non-toxic and tasteless. They are very popular in the market.

Structure Of Interlocking Baby Play Mats
The surface layer and bottom layer of the interlocking mat is PE color film, which is printed inside. The ink is located on the inner surface of the film, So parents don't need to worry that the baby will touch the ink. At the same time, the surface of the mat is designed with anti-skid grain, which is more safe and reliable.

The middle layer of the splicing baby mat is PE, which uses food-grade materials widely used in fruit packaging. It is non-toxic and tasteless, and completely harmless to the baby's health.

Maintenance And Cleaning Of Interlocking Baby Play Mats

Please wipe interlocking baby mat with cotton soft cloth or soft brush dipped in soapy water or rinse it with plenty of water after the surface of interlocking baby mat is dirty, After cleaning, the mat should be aired for about 1 hour or wiped with a dry cloth before it can be used again(Please do not use hard brushes such as rough brushes or other corrosive solvents such as alcohol and pine perfume to wipe and damage the splicing baby mat.).

If it is not used for a long time, the interlocking baby mat should be washed first, then sunbathed and sterilized in the sun, then rolled up to place in a home. Wash it again and sterilize it in the sun before using it next time. This will ensure the safe use of baby.

Yiwu Jietai Rug Co., Ltd. is a professional baby mats supplier, supplying various sizes of interlocking baby mats for more than ten years. With stable quality, reasonable price, timely delivery and perfect after-sales system that we have won a good reputation in the market. Welcome customers to cooperate with us and become win-win partners.
Size And Customized Service Of Interlocking Baby Play Mats
The main sizes of our interlocking baby mats are about 17 * 17 inches and 23 * 23 inches. They have different patterns and thicknesses. We can also customize the sizes, patterns, and thicknesses according to the requirements of customers. Our company also provides OEM services.

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