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The Development of Baby Mats (Part I)

According to the different intermediate materials, the development sequence of baby mats is PVC baby mats, EVA baby mats, XPE baby mats, and EPE baby mats. Here is a brief evolution history of baby mats :

PVC mats

PVC mats started from the floor mats. PVC is the scientific name of polyvinyl chloride. After being processed into a floor mat, PVC can not be reused or degrade themselves, so it can only be treated through incineration. PVC itself is non-toxic, but a large quantity of hydrogen chloride gas will be produced in combustion, which will do great harm to human health.

PVC mats are relatively solid as baby mats, but the disadvantages are:

1. The PVC mat is heavy and difficult to fold for its high density; it has weak elasticity.

2. Water absorption. The PVC baby mat can not be used after the surface film is damaged. (The PVC mat can not be basked in the sunlight directly after absorbing water, otherwise, it will fade and become hard).

3. Babies directly contact with the printing ink due to surface printing. Printing ink is the most unstable substance and will cause harm to the human body in long-term use.

EVA mats

Minister of the Department of Climate and Energy, who is responsible for consumer rights protection in Belgium announced that almost all (EVA) foamed plastic puzzle mats release toxic substances including formamide. Researches have shown that a substance called formamide is added in the processing of plastic mats commonly used by children. Formamide can soften the mats but will do harm to children's eyes and skin if it is inhaled or swallowed by children.

Matters need attention:

1. Some unscrupulous manufacturers produce floor mats with reclaimed EVA materials. Such kind of floor mat is mostly made from reclaimed waste materials such as bags and shoe soles. With a lot of pigments and foaming agents, the mats will harm the human body greatly.

2. EVA mats adopt screen printing, so babies will contact with the printing ink directly.

3. EVA mats absorb water and dust, so the mats will become very dirty, hard, and difficult to clean after being used for two months.

4. In the mid-low end domestic sales areas, a lot of EVA mats are square puzzle mats because they are difficult to be folded. But it cannot achieve the effect of urinary and water barrier.

To be continued...