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The Meaning of Crawling of Babies

There are many kinds of crawling mats for infants materials on the market. There are EPE baby mats (a kind of baby mats made of odorless and environmentally friendly materials), durable XPE, IXPE, PVC materials and EVA materials suitable for splicing. EPE mat for babies is non-toxic and odorless, so it is the best choice for mothers.

Some parents take care of their babies very carefully. Even when babies can crawl at the age of a few months, they are still holding or pushing babies because they think the floor is dirty and babies will have a cold or get knocked. They don't create the conditions of learning to crawling for the babies, thus depriving babies of the chance to crawling. If babies can walk without experiencing crawling, though it won't have a serious impact on their life, there may be problems such as inattention and poor coordination after babies go to school.

The meaning of crawling of babies

1. Improve activity ability of babies

Crawling is a comprehensive physical fitness activity. After babies can crawl, if babies crawl more often, it will help the development of visual hearing, spatial position feeling, balance feeling, and promote the coordination of the body. It can also promote the growth and development of bones and muscles.

2. Build up their health

Crawling is the first coordination of movement of babies. It can exercise the strength of muscles of chest, back, abdomen and limbs. In addition, it consumes a lot of energy during crawling, which helps babies to eat more, sleep well, and grow faster in weight and height.

3. Enhance parent-child communication

Crawling can improve communication between mothers and babies. After babies can crawling,  the success experience under the guidance of parents is increased. And babies can get a variety of rich experiences such as excitement, success and failure in crawling. This can be said to be the most important process for babies, and these experiences can enrich the emotions of babies.