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What are the Benefits of Crawling to Your Baby

With the development of society, the baby mats have become an indispensable thing in the growth of each baby, to meet the needs of the baby in the crawling stage. Crawling is of great help and benefit to the baby's growth and development. What are the benefits of crawling to the baby?

1. Crawling needs to raise and turn the head left and right, which is conducive to exercise the neck muscles;

2. Crawling requires the strength of the arms and wrists to support the whole upper body. Therefore, it is conducive to exercise the strength of the arms and wrists, and is good for doodling with pens and eating with spoons in the future;

3. When crawling on the baby mats, it needs the joint participation of upper limbs and lower limbs, and to maintain the coordination of movements, which is conducive to exercise the coordination ability of the baby, so that the baby can not easily fall down after learning to walk, and enhance the flexibility of the action. Climbing is also beneficial to the development of the baby's bone and nervous system.

4. Contribute to coordinated capacity development

Only with the coordination of sensory information, hands, eyes, and feet, can the body effectively complete the crawling movement. The positive stimulation received in the process of crawling can promote the development of the spatial intelligence of infants. Infants also know where they are and how to avoid obstacles because of crawling, which is helpful to the formation of abstract concepts and beneficial to mathematical learning in the future.

5. Crawling stimulates the inner ear or vestibular system and helps to maintain a sense of balance. Hand-eye coordination has the same effect. In addition, crawling can help balance the development of the left and right brain, understanding and memory.

Crawling can help the baby accumulate life experience. Children can relieve the surrounding environment and food by crawling. It can promote the development of a baby's cognitive ability and learn the necessary skills in life. YIWU JIETAI RUG CO., LTD focuses on baby mats, welcome to leave a message for consultation.