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When Choosing Crawler Mats, there is also Knowledge. What is the difference between EPE and XPE?

Market mainstream materials: XPE, EPE, EVA. XPE, EPE is finally classified as PE, which is commonly known as pearl cotton. All the forming principles are foaming. PE foams become different products and exhibit different characteristics according to different foaming technologies.

(1) EPE baby crawler mat

It is made of polyethylene, also known as pearl cotton, which is physically foamed. In short, it is the use of gas (which is usually butane) to make raw materials through a machine (which can be made in China) to complete the foaming work. Its product characteristics are: safe, environmentally friendly and comfortable, without any harmful substances, non-volatile, soft, insufficient resilience, easy to fold and not easy to recover. Easy to clean. The most important point: flammability.

(2) XPE baby mat

Chemical cross linked polyethylene foaming material is made of low density polyethylene resin, cross linking agent and foaming agent through continuous foaming at high temperature. Its product characteristics are: safe, environmentally friendly, soft, no harmful substances, non-volatile, easy to recover creases, good elasticity. Easy to clean. Flame retardant to a certain extent.

Durability: more than two years. High-end car sound insulation cotton is such a thing. XPE and EPE are all covered with film, so the ink is inside the contact surface and will not contact the skin directly. So it has higher security, and the film thickness of XPE is thicker than that of EPE, so it is not easy to be punctured. EVA can not be coated, generally adding color in raw materials, making the whole is a pure color, some will print patterns on the surface, but the color will not be too much, ink directly contact the skin.

Generally speaking, XPE baby mat is recommended, followed by EPE baby mat. There are also many products with imported XPE materials being sold. In fact, XPE originated in Korea, but the price is extraordinarily high, now domestic machines can also be produced. The quality is the same, and the price of the same product is saved by half. In addition, crawling mat is a wide range of household appliances, not only for babies, picnics, Yoga can also be used.