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Factors to Consider When Choosing A Baby Pad (1)

1.Health and Safety

The safety of the baby mats which the babies often come into close contact with is directly related to their health, leading to the top concern by consumers. The material is not poisonous as long as it passes the quality control, no matter what kind of it. The safety depends on whether the raw material is recycled plastic, which is the most crucial and difficult factor for consumers to judge. In addition to the concern of product quality certification, the simplest way to judge the quality is to smell. Toxic substances cannot be eliminated by natural volatilization only. The harmfulness is permanent. If it still smells bad after a long time of exposure in the air, you can discard it directly.

The baby mats from our company, YIWU JIETAI RUG CO., LTD, are made of non-toxic and odorless raw materials without any harmful ingredients. Our product meets the requirements of the National Technical Specification for toy safety and has passed the test of the international authoritative organization, ensuring the safety of your babies.


Needless to say, good resilience can effectively protect the baby. At the same time, a baby mat with good resilience is not easy to collapse and keeps flat even if a part of it is under pressure for a long time, which is beneficial to the development of the baby's body and the practice of walking.


Intellectual functions and various colors of baby mats are to meet the basic requirement for baby's vision development, so try not to choose the mats with double color. In addition, there are three points to pay attention to. First, the mat should be meticulously colored. It will affect the baby's vision development if it is too rough. Second, the color should not be too light because strong indoor light may cause a strong reflection of light, causing damage to the baby's eyes after long term use. Third, the color should not fade.

Our baby mats entirely meet the above three points. Please buy with confidence!