baby play mats



Functions of Baby Mats

0-9 month old: when babies start to crawl, the soft cushion of the baby mats can effectively protect wrists and knees of babies.

9-24 month old: babies are easy to fall, hurting their heads when they are learning to walk. The baby mats protect their heads and necks.

2-4 years old: when babies start to play with toys on the ground, the baby mats can prevent babies from catching cold while sitting on the cold ground. At the same time, the educational pattern can cultivate the cognitive ability of babies so that babies can win at the starting line.

4-7 years old: when lively children start to learn sports and dance, baby mat can relieve the impact of the ground on the feet. It can protect children and the noise cannot disturb people.

In addition, baby mat is also very easy to maintain. If it's dirty, just wipe it with a cloth and it will be clean. Mats, blankets, quilts are not that easy to maintain. It's also easier to take care of children.

XPE mat material has good resilience, comfort and safety, and will not cause any side effects on baby's soft skin. It has a good warmth and softness, light weight and other characteristics.

Good skid resistance: It's a closed cell foam that doesn't absorb water. It is easy to clean and prevent babies from slipping and falling. Under the condition of minus 50 degrees, the mat can still maintain the original physical state, that is, soft comfort. Even in the humid environment, babies will not slip.

Dampproof and antibacterial: it is the independent closed pore structure, which closely and effectively prevents the penetration of water molecules so that the water absorption is very low (almost zero). At the same time, due to the modification of electron irradiation and surface antibacterial treatment, bacteria cant survive. It can protect children's health and prevent their clothes from getting wet and dirty.