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What Seven Aspects Should You Pay Attention to When Using Baby Mats

First, don't use the baby mat that you just bought. You should wash it with water first, and then put it in the sun before using it.

Second, the baby mat is best placed on a flat ground and there should be no fragile or sharp objects around to avoid hurting the baby.

Third, do not put a baby mat next to the table and chair, otherwise the baby will hit the corner of the table when playing, and the baby's head will be injured.

Fourth, in order to prevent the baby from swallowing by mistake when crawling, do not place too many small objects on the baby mat, which may cause unnecessary injury.

Fifth, the baby mat should be cleaned after using it for a period of time. When cleaning, use a soft cotton cloth dipped in soapy water or detergent to scrub it.

Sixth, try not to let your baby write on the surface of the baby mat with pen, and do not let the baby lick the baby mat.

Seventh, the baby mats should be cleaned and stored when not in use, ready for the next use. The baby mat must be cleaned and disinfected again before use.

Parents should be reminded that when the baby is crawling, parents must encourage and cheer on the side, let the baby be curious about the new things around.