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How to Choose Baby Mats According to Thickness

It is more meaningful to compare the thickness of baby mats with the same material. For example,  the EPE baby mat with the thickness of 8mm is not necessarily softer or more comfortable than a 5mm XPE with higher density.



The thickness of 5-8mm is commonly seen in portable baby mats. This kind of baby mat  is generally not too long or wide and can be folded to a small size, which is portable when going out and can provide a crawling environment for babies in nature. Generally, it is not recommended to buy baby mats that is relatively thin for babies who are just learning to crawl, because the babies are very smart, if they feel uncomfortable or hurt themselves at the beginning of learning to crawl, they will be a little timid next time, so that they will lose the courage to crawl. Thin baby mats are better for elder babies or families that often need to go camping.



In the middle of thin and thick baby mats, the 10mm baby mats retain a part of the advantages of thin baby mats such as the reasonable price, but this kind of mat also partly brings the disadvantages of thicker ones, that is, inconvenient storage. It is precisely because it is average,  it may also be the thickness of the market with relatively large sales.



When the thickness reaches or exceeds 20mm, the manufacturers usually deliberately indicate the distinctive thickness of the mats with bright red characters such as "thickened" and "extra-thick”. There is no doubt that with the same brand, the same material and the same area, the thicker the mat is, the higher the price is. Not all babies need the specialty products with  additional and extra thickness. Thickened mats are more suitable for babies who are learning to crawl, because it is necessary to make them more comfortable in crawling.


In addition to thickness, proper density should also be taken into account. If the density is too low, the baby mat is prone to sink even with large thickness, which will cause the baby to fall down when practice walking. It is recommended to choose a better material.


Advice from JIETAI:

It is recommended to choose a thicker baby mat at home to protect the baby better. Portable thin baby mats are advisable when gong out, because they are easy to carry and clean.