baby play mats



Play Mats Are So Useful For Modern Family

Five or six months after birth, the baby is still very weak and can only eat and sleep all day. Six months later, babies will start exploring the world after they have developed stronger bodies. Babies are curious about everything they see. They want to see everything and touch everything. But you can't let the baby crawl on the ground because parents want to ensure the safety of the baby, so parents will choose to spread some baby play mats at home, which can not only satisfy the baby's curiosity, but also let the baby strengthen exercise, so that the baby's physical and intellectual development can be improved.

The function of baby play mat

Bbaby play mats are very soft. Its main function is to provide a safe space for the baby to move without worrying about the baby's body being knocked or injured. Baby play mats are usually designed with rich and bright patterns, which can attract the attention of babies and make them have more fun. Baby play mats are flexible and light. It can be laid on the ground when it needs to be used, when you do not need to use it, it can be folded to place. It does not occupy room space. It is flexible and convenient to use and is very popular. baby play mats can be used at home, kindergarten and playground.

Kinds of baby play mats

Baby play mats can be classified from two aspects: material and style.

From the materials,there are mainly PE, EPE, XPE and so on. These materials are soft and tough, very light, strong waterproof performance and good wear resistance. Jietai baby play mats can be used for a long time, and it is also very convenient to clean, and can be cleaned directly with wet cotton cloth.

From the styles, there are integral baby play mats and combination baby play mats. The integral baby play mat is a large and complete cushion, which is designed to be foldable for easy placement. The combined baby play mat is made up of a small piece of cushion. Its area can be large or small, and it is more flexible to use.

The price of baby play mats

The market price of baby play mats ranges from $10 to $80. The reasons for the price difference include material, style and area. The higher grade raw materials used in baby play mats, the higher price of the product will be,Classically, the price of high-grade materials will be much higher than that of ordinary materials. The larger the area, the more material the baby play mat uses, of course, the higher the price. Different styles of baby play mats have different prices. The price of the whole baby play mat is higher than that of the combinatorial play mat. In addition, the price of baby play mat is also affected by the brand value. The price of well-known brand baby play mat is more than $60, which belongs to high-end products. Ordinary baby play mat is usually less than $15.

Guidelines for the Use of Baby play mats

1. The floor with baby play mats should be flat and free of sharp hard objects. Smooth ground is safer for babies, and hard objects can damage their crawling mats. So it is better to clean the floor before using baby crawling mat.

2. Babies should wear long-sleeved clothes and trousers when crawling, and tie clothes into trousers, or buy special crawling clothes, so as to avoid the soft tissue injury of skin caused by crawling, and not catch cold when crawling.