baby play mats



The Style of XPE Play Mat

XPE play mat has excellent material, safety and environmental protection. It is the best choice for parents to buy game mat for their children. The appearance of XPE play mat is also changeable, there are a variety of pattern design and style design.

1. Whole XPE play mat

The whole model is a large floor mat. Both plastic and foam materials are available. Generally, there will be beautiful designs or patterns on the floor mat.

Advantages: 1. No cracks, not easy to hide ash. 2. The design is rich, which can be urban, transportation, nature and other themes.
Disadvantages: not easy to absorb, especially foam material, folding or winding up will take up a lot of places. 2. It's hard to clean. 3. At the same time, the size is fixed and can not be adjusted. 4. Not easy to carry.

2. Folding XPE play mat

It is on the basis of the whole section that the folded area is folded, and the foam material is also the majority.

Advantages: It can be folded into a three-dimensional fence or tent, a cushion for multiple purposes.

Disadvantage: The price is relatively expensive

In addition, some families use yoga mats, carpets, quilts and other mats to replace the game mats, but it is recommended to buy regular children's mats if conditions permit. Because their material and size are not necessarily suitable for baby crawling.