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Identification Method of PVC Coil Carpet

1. Whether to sell in an exclusive shop or not. When choosing vendors of PVC coil carpet, consumers should pay attention to check whether they have formal certificates of authorization, international quality certificates, certificates of environmental label products in China, and authoritative certificates issued by functional departments in China; whether they have formal inspection reports (some commissioned inspection reports are not true, what we want to see is supervision and inspection or daily spot inspection reports), and at the same time, they should also check whether they have regular inspection reports. It should be noted whether the report is original.

2. Look at the information and Atlas of PVC coil carpets. Those improper words, such as rough printing, poor content, the alleged wear resistance of 18 thousand kilometers and so on, are misleading propaganda and are acted by non-standard manufacturers.

3. Whether there is a manufacturer or a marketing agency to regulate the retail price, whether it belongs to the product of arbitrary price, if this is the case, it can not be PVC floor having a brand.

4. Look at the surface pattern of a PVC coil carpet. The surface texture of the carpet is blurred, and the color is not correct, and it is unnatural, and it can not resist ultraviolet radiation, and it is easy to fade and so on, which are undoubtedly low-quality PVC coil carpets.

5. Look at the carpet core. PVC flooring with rough core, dark color and edges, and corners easy to break; formaldehyde content exceeds the national standard of high-quality products; most of the floor comprehensive indicators are not qualified, which belongs to inferior products.

6. Look at the polishing degree of PVC coil carpet. When the carpet surface is polished with woodworking sandpaper, the low-quality counterfeit products show signs of whitening, which is lower than the national standard wear-resistant requirements.

7. Look at the mosaic effect of carpets. Sample a pack of PVC coil carpets and lay three pieces staggered. Such carpets are inferior products because of the difference in height and triangular seam and the irregular edge.

8. Look at the bottom of the PVC coil carpet. Those with inconsistent colors, rough texture, no brand words, large deformation, and poor moisture resistance belong to inferior products.