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How to Distinguish the Front and Back of a Yoga Mat

According to the classification of materials, yoga mat generally includes TPE yoga, PVC yoga mat, linen yoga mat. The way to distinguish the front and back of yoga mats of different materials is various, but generally the non-slip side faces up.

1. TPE Yoga Mat 

If it is a double-layer yoga mat with different colors on both sides, with patterns on one side and corrugation on the other side, then the pattern side should be the front side, which should face up; if it is a single-layer yoga mat with the same sides, there is no need to separate the front and the back, because both sides have the same effect.

2. PVC Yoga Mat 

PVC yoga mat is a homogeneous material, so it can be made into two sides. If there are evenly distributed anti-skid dots on both sides, and the texture of both sides is the same, this kind of PVC coil mat is a double-sided yoga mat, both sides can be used safely without doubt. If there is a pattern on one side and non-slip points on the other side (or one smooth side and one side with non-slip points), then the side with non-slip points is the front side.

3.Linen Yoga Mat

this kind of yoga mat is usually double-sided, linen and other materials (PVC, TPE, natural rubber) can be used together, and the function and effect of two-sided yoga mat are different.

In general, the yoga mat facing upwards should be with undulating stripes. The two sides of the yoga mat we buy are different in a general way. One side is completely smooth and flat, while the other side has ups and downs, and there are stripes. When using the yoga mat, the smooth and flat side is facing down, and the other side with stripes is the side we step on. The side with the pattern has the function of anti-skid and also helps training. 

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